How iOS is like Windows 95

When you play with it, it makes you go “Ooh!” and “A-ha!” and “That’s so cool!” When you work with it, it makes you curse often and triumph occasionally. When something goes wrong with it, you find yourself helplessly rebooting. It soon makes you love it and hate it equally. When you upgrade, you think “Man, that’s so much better!” at first, until you see that the most annoying problems are still there. Then, after every other major release, it makes you realize that your hardware is antiquated and dog-slow. Finally, you find yourself hooked on it, and dependent on it, while hoping that open source will some day be as user-friendly as it is… You try a competitor OS from time to time, admire the progress they’ve made, and return to it with a sigh… and then 5 years later a former underdog comes along and saves the world from it.

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