iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Captivate

I have been using both an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Captivate (Android 2.1) for over a month. iPhone clearly wins in usability, smoothness, speed and intuitiveness. However, the Android phone proved to be more useful, especially when traveling internationally. First of all, painless unlocking and standard size SIM card is a big advantage for international travel. Samsung is also much lighter and slimmer then the iPhone and I can carry it even in a pocket of a light shirt. Another advantage is better wifi. Not only Samsung was able to find networks and connect faster, then the iPhone, but also it would get on a few networks which the iPhone was not able to get on. As for the apps – all essential apps are available for both platforms. Android has a small advantage for me because it has Google Sky Map, and iPhone does not. Normally, that wouldn’t matter so much, but since I was in the southern hemisphere, the sky map was particularly cool to have. Camera wins on the iPhone by far. Both video an photo are much better on the iPhone then in any Android device that I have seen so far. Samsung’s larger screen really did not matter at all. A big disadvantage of the Captivate was that the Android Market was filtering out apps based on my SIM card. So, with a non-US SIM, it wouldn’t show me apps that are limited to the US, even though I was in the US, and vice versa. IMHO, determining locale by SIM card and then filtering the apps is the dummest idea, especially when such filter ignores the GPS location.
Typing this on the iPhone anyway…

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