Top Android features that Apple fans will be raving about this week

Once again, Apple presents a new iPhone and will be praising its new creation for features that Android users enjoyed for about a year. For about a year, Apple fans argued that these features were not important, or wrong, etc. Nevertheless, Apple fans will be raving about having these “new” and “innovative” capabilities. Here they are:

4 inch display

My HTC One X has a 4.7 inch display. iPhone 4 fans are usually dismissing this feature by saying that my phone is too big and uncomfortable in the hand. It is true that for the first week after switching from iPhone it felt uncomfortable, but now it feels just fine. In fact, now that I am used to HTC One X, the iPhone feels small. 

Thinner and lighter body

I haven’t seen a phone thinner than Droid Razor or lighter than Galaxy S II (116 grams). After having one of these in my pocket for few days, iPhone feels like a brick to me. I doubt that the iPhone 5 will be under 120 grams.


Many iPhone 4 users were probably fooled into thinking that their phone was a 4G phone until. When they realized it wasn’t, they said that it doesn’t matter, since the networks are slow anyway. The networks are slow indeed. However, when they aren’t, my One X download speeds leaves the iPhone 4S in the dust. Of course, now the networks will become even slower.

Smaller connector

This one will probably make everyone angry rather than happy, because your existing accessories will go to waste. Is there a chance that Apple will use a standard connector like all other phones? Doubt that.


Duh… although it is unclear if iPhone 5 actually will have NFC. 


All new Android phones had that for a year or so.

Better maps

Yes, Google Maps on iOS 5 suck. Google Maps on Android 4, on the other hand, are awesome!

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