My NodeJS Zimbra Client Library seems to be gaining traction

I created this NodeJS library for talking to Zimbra SOAP interface about a year and a half ago when a team I was managing for Still Human needed to automate provisioning of Zimbra accounts in their NodeJS app that they were building for SimpleLife. For a while it has only 2 basic features: authentication and sending/parsing a request. That’s actually, all you need to communicate with Zimbra SOAP back-end 🙂 everything else consists of creating request objects and parsing response objects.

2 Weeks ago I decided to implement a Google App Engine application for synchronization of my work Zimbra calendar and my personal GMail calendar. I thought it was a good reason to add some more features zimbra-client. To my great surprise, a bunch of people stared using it:


who are you people?

Anyway, since someone is now using it, I decided to get my act together and clean it up, so I added unit tests with mocha, Travis CI script and dependency checks with David .

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