Wifi speed in Phakding, Nepal

Last month we were tracking on the EBC track in the Himalayas. To my surprise, there is ubiquitous wifi and cell reception on the whole track. The speeds are not so great though. Here is the speed test result from our lodge in Phakding. Ookla’s Speedtest app reports 0.98 MB/s, but that’s the speed to the nearest provider server in Kathmandu.OpenSignal’s test showed similar results: 0.8 Mbps down/ 0.2 Mbps up. Not bad, considering this is a place where you have to walk for a day from the nearest airport and for a week from the nearest dirt road wide enough for a car to pass. Then again, 3G speeds up here are 2-3 times faster and another guest at the same lodge was able to use 3G for Skype.


This was the speed at Sherpa Guide Lodge, which is one of the first lodges on the way up. It is a new lodge, built this year.

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