I am voting “no” on these California propositions in 2016

Here is the list of California props that I am voting against this year.

Prop 52

After having read the text of the measure as well as arguments on both sides I am pretty sure that the funds collected from this measure will not help anyone who needs medical help, will not reduce the cost of healthcare and will likely increase it. The measure looks like an elaborate financial scheme the results of which will be hard to track.

Prop 56

I am not a smoker, and I don’t know a lot of people that struggle with high cost of cigarettes. However, here is why I oppose this measure:

  1. After having read the arguments and the text of the proposition I am not convinced enough of the funds collected from this tax would be allocated to programs fighting tobacco related health problems
  2. I think that tobacco products in California are already expensive enough
  3. $2 per pack is a huge increase from roughly $6

Prop 60

OK, this is just a bad and random idea that seems to have one purpose of opening another door for more lawsuits.

Prop 61

I was conflicted about this measure for a while, however I have decided that this is a rather terrible way to regulate prices and is likely to backfire in a way that will make drug prices higher for a lot of people instead of making them lower for some people. While I agree that drug prices should be lowered, I think the way to lower them is not by pegging prices to the VA. These are the problems with this approach that I don’t like:

  1. Gives too much power to VA negotiators
  2. Invites more corruption
  3. May raise cost for VA
  4. May raise cost for non-state agencies

I am also fairly sure that if we try to keep a lid on drug prices by pegging them to a number that one federal agency has been able to negotiate, the sellers will likely find ways around this measure in the ways that will be harder to contain. I would like to see a policy change that pushes prices down in a way that uses market forces collaboratively rather than trying to police the market. A policy that I would like to see should increase competition in the drug market, it should also streamline the market and reduce the distribution and production costs.

Prop 65

This proposition does not help the environment and instead redirects money to one specific fund. This is just a money grab given the current state of regulations of plastic bags in California. Instead, I am voting yes on proposition 67. Maybe this is selfish, but I have too many reusable bags at home already and this will give me an additional kick to keep a pair in the trunk at all times.

Prop 66

“No”, because I am against the death penalty and I am voting yes on proposition 62. I simply do not trust the judicial system enough to sentence anyone to death.


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