I am voting “yes” on these California propositions in 2016

Prop 51

I am voting “yes”, because leaving school funding to local governments increases segregation and enforces the circumstances that lock people into the SES that they are born into.

Prop 53

Perhaps, this adds more bureaucracy, however, I think that if the whole state is going to get into large debt for a bond – the whole state should be able to decide.

Prop 54

Yes, I would like state legislators to publicly report on what they are about to write into law and make it available for people to review. I do not think that adding a 3-4 day buffer to the time required to write something into law is going to stifle the legislative branch of our state.

Prop 55

This seems to be working so far, so I don’t see a reason to stop it. Therefore, I am voting “yes” to extend this tax.

Prop 57

After having read the proposition text I do not think there is any substance to opposition’s statements. This proposition does not take away the power of law enforcement to lock up whoever they are able to lock up already. However, this proposition allows more juvenile criminals to be released for parole. I believe that juveniles should be kept away from prison system as much as possible, because they have the most potential to avoid the life long path of criminal life. I am also disgusted by manipulative and exaggerated scare rhetoric of the opposition.

Prop 58

I vote “yes”, because the reality of English-only education is too harsh and does not allow enough flexibility for education. I have not encountered this first hand, because I came to the US after having studied English for 13 years. At the same time, I have seen how much pain and struggle English-only education has caused to kids who did not know the language. I like that this proposition still requires education institutions to ensure English acquisition as rapidly and effectively as possible, but I don’t think that lack of English proficiency should be getting in the way of acquiring other types of knowledge in school.

Prop 59

OK, this proposition made me lough. It is not an enforceable measure and I am not sure how it even made it onto the ballot. This is pure political “grandstanding”, but whatever – I am all for repealing Citizens United, so if we have to use the ballot for advertisement purposes – so be it.

Prop 62

Even though I think our judicial system is one of the best on the planet I still do not think it is good enough to take away a person’s life. Yes, I do not like the high cost of life sentence. And yes, I do think that some people should be kept away from the rest of us. However, a mistake that sentences a person to death cannot be fixed. So… until we invent an “undo” button for killing a person I am voting against the death penalty.

Prop 63

No, I do not have a problem with my neighbors owning guns. However, I do want them to pass comprehensive background checks and I do not want anyone nearby to be carrying around large-capacity ammunition magazines. I also wish there was a measure that required people to actually learn how to use fire arms before they are allowed to acquire them, but that’s a whole other story.

Prop 64

Alright… alright… I know that you small time growers are opposed to it and you enjoy your niche unregulated market. However, I am not inclined to pay $100 for a fake MJ license over Skype by lying to a doctor about headaches or whatever.  I also want the state of California to rip the tax benefits of wider pot sales. As a bike rider, I would much rather encounter a stoned driver than a drunk one (hint: stoned people are sl00owww). I also want some more oversight over how you grow your weed and hereby pledge to keep buying it from local growers and not from big tobacco companies. I would like to be able to eventually buy a bag of weed at my local farmer’s market or a grocery store with “Certified Organic” stamp on the bag. So there… lets stop the prohibition already.

Prop 67

This is already working with large grocery stores in San Francisco, San Mateo and many other places and I cannot say I miss those plastic bags.

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