Buying Facebook posts on Fiverr

This week I experimented with paying to people on Fiverr for sharing my Facebook page. Two people shared Facebook page page on their personal pages, one person shared it on his own fan page and another person shared in a bunch of groups that add up to 12M members. My goals was gaining likes for‘s Facebook page and overall results are rather disappointing. I was also running another experiment on AdEspresso in parallel with the experiment on Fiverr, but I can isolate ad-generated likes from likes generated by Fiverr. These are the results:


likes in “paid likes via ads” column correspond to the number of likes generated by ads; “organic” likes are mostly results of Fiverr experiments, with possibly about 5 likes per day being generated organically by our followers.

Sharing on some comedian’s fan page with 643K fans (4th row in the table above) was the least effective – only 16 likes that day. Second least effective effort was sharing our page in 80 groups totally 12M members (3rd row in the table above). Although, if I calculate the effectiveness of the audience, this one is by far least effective (only 34 likes for 12M members). The most effective effort was sharing on some gal’s personal page (row 1), followed by some guy’s personal invitation to like our page sent out to 5K of his fans (row 2). Judging by the uptick in the number of “unlikes” during the following days, I am guessing, most of these new followers will eventually drop off and stop paying attention.

I was curious why sharing in 80 groups with so many members was so ineffective, so I checked where our page was shared and found out that all these groups are geared towards useless posts that no one pays attention to. Some groups even have descriptions like this:


so… that’s just good ol’ link exchange spam in Facebook’s version.

The first two experiments (posting on personal page and inviting friends to like) result in $0.04 – $0.05 per like, which is OK. However, my guess is that most of these “fans” are not our target audience, so they are probably worthless.


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