Test Driven Development as a cure for Programmer’s Block

I was looking at a blank screen trying to wrap my mind around ways of moving some of the ephemeral data that Zimbra currently stores in LDAP into SSDB. Setting aside the part where most of SSDB documentation is in Chinese,

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Forget raising the first round – try building a business.

Dear first time founders, please stop being so laser focused on raising your first round of funding. Sure, the first round is hard, but it is nothing compared to the second one and it is even easier when you compare it to the task

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Activation – SAAS achilles heel

If my calendar sync service was a real business it would be B2C SAAS with subscription model and as such it is already indicative of activation problem as described by Justin Mares. People are signing up (where did they find me?), but

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Reflecting Zimbra calendars onto Google GMail Calendar

While most of Bay Area was catching Pokemon or rolling in the dirt at BM (been there, done that, many times since 2001) I decided to solve my multi-calendar mess. I wanted to have all my events on my Google Calendar, and not

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My NodeJS Zimbra Client Library seems to be gaining traction

I created this NodeJS library for talking to Zimbra SOAP interface about a year and a half ago when a team I was managing for Still Human needed to automate provisioning of Zimbra accounts in their NodeJS app that they were building for

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Inspiring effect of Pokemon Go

Several weeks ago I walked around San Francisco and saw this (thousands of people playing Pokemon Go): My first thought was “this is pure madness”. My second thought was “C’mon people, you are out on a beautiful summer day in

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market crash predictions (same old every year)

If you are into doomsday predictions, here’s a list of predictions of an imminent financial disaster that is about to happen every year for the last 5+ years. 2015: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/big-sleep-why-stock-market-203506941.html 2014: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jessecolombo/2014/08/27/are-stocks-heading-for-a-crash-this-fall/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/jessecolombo/2014/07/01/these-23-charts-prove-that-stocks-are-heading-for-a-devastating-crash/ http://www.newsmax.com/Finance/MKTNewsIntl/stock-market-crash-warren-buffett-indicator/2014/10/03/id/598461/ http://www.businessinsider.com/evidence-that-tech-bubble-is-at-a-peak-2014-10 2013 http://www.marketwatch.com/story/new-doomsday-poll-98-risk-of-2014-stock-crash-2013-06-29 http://www.businessinsider.com/evidence-that-tech-sector-is-in-a-bubble-2013-11 http://www.wired.com/2013/12/ipo-class-of-2014/ 2012:

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DJs and startup founders

TLDR: if you are the only person that has this idea, it means that either this is a bad idea or you have not yet found the 10 other people who are already working on it. Therefore, don’t get hung upon

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Apache ANT task to upload and download files/blobs to/from Windows Azure

A while ago we got access to a year of free hosting on Windows Azure (see more about this here). At the time we were using Amazon S3 to store serialized HashMaps of geo-distances. We use these HashMaps to bootstrap

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How to get 3 years of free hosting for your startup

TLDR version for a busy startup founder: participate in startup beauty contests, get affiliated with startup incubators and accelerators. If you are a  founder of a technology startup and you are trying to save money on everything, free hosting can

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