Map multiple Zimbra calendars to Google calendars

This update to my Zimbra Calendar sync application has been long coming, mainly because I didn’t have time to work on the app after I moved from Zimbra to Cloudera and I stopped using Zimbra for my work email and calendar myself.  However, after my Google Cloud promotional credits have ran out, I had to either shut this app down or grow it so that it can at least pay for its cloud hosting. To my great surprise, after I asked active users to donate a few bucks for hosting I received several donations.  The users, who donated inspired me to keep the app moving forward. Thank you!!! Hence, the following update.

Synchronize multiple calendars

You can now add multiple Zimbra calendars and synchronize them with multiple Google calendars. I have redesigned the UI of the app to enable this. You can log in to the new app here: You may need to refresh the page to load the new UI.

Proper support for recurring events

The new version of the application creates recurring events in your Google calendar using Google recurrence rules. Previously, recurring events were created only for 2 months ahead and each recurrence was created as a separate event in your Google Calendar. Now, the application translates recurrence rules from Zimbra to Google. This also means that recurring events will have correct end dates.

Keeping your changes in your Google Calendar

The new version allows you to add notes and modify Zimbra events in your Google Calendar and it will not overwrite them during subsequent synchronizations. The old version was deleting all Zimbra events from your Google calendar and recreating them in your Google Calendar during every synchronization run.

Customize how frequently to synchronize

The new version allows you to choose how frequently you want to synchronize the calendars. Currently, I added two options: once every hour and once every two hours. If you need more options for synchronization frequency, just send me an email to and I’ll add it. The new implementation allows to run synchronization as frequently as once every 5 minutes.

Next – Google to Zimbra sync and 2-way sync

In the next 2-3 months I plan to add ability to copy events from your Google calendars onto your Zimbra calendars as well as running a full two-way synchronization. If you are thinking of other features that you want me to add, again, just send me an email to and I’ll add it.

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