Buying Facebook posts on Fiverr

This week I experimented with paying to people on Fiverr for sharing my Facebook page. Two people shared Facebook page page on their personal pages, one person shared it on his own fan page and another person shared in a

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3G speed in Namche Bazaar

I didn’t really need a 3G sim card at any time during our trek in Himalayas, because there was always wifi available to check email once every couple of days and I did not want to be online any more often.

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I am voting “yes” on these California propositions in 2016

Prop 51 I am voting “yes”, because leaving school funding to local governments increases segregation and enforces the circumstances that lock people into the SES that they are born into. Prop 53 Perhaps, this adds more bureaucracy, however, I think that

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I am voting “no” on these California propositions in 2016

Here is the list of California props that I am voting against this year. Prop 52 After having read the text of the measure as well as arguments on both sides I am pretty sure that the funds collected from this

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Wifi speed at Places Restaurant & Bar in Kathmandu

Back in Kathmandu, stopped by at Places, which is becoming our favorite place here. Awesome vegetarian options, lots of space, some inventive cocktails, board games and fast internet. Here is the test from OpenSignal app, which tests “true speed”. The true

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Wifi speed in Phakding, Nepal

Last month we were tracking on the EBC track in the Himalayas. To my surprise, there is ubiquitous wifi and cell reception on the whole track. The speeds are not so great though. Here is the speed test result from our lodge

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Test Driven Development as a cure for Programmer’s Block

I was looking at a blank screen trying to wrap my mind around ways of moving some of the ephemeral data that Zimbra currently stores in LDAP into SSDB. Setting aside the part where most of SSDB documentation is in Chinese,

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  • Just wondering what % of twitter conversations are already happening purely between bots and marketers w/o involving any casual users 1 week ago
  • @united the flight was great except for being delayed after boarding by one hour. 1 week ago
  • @united it's funny and sad when "priority" lines are 3X the length of normal lines. Come listen to ppl grumbling in lines for grp 1 & 2 :) 1 week ago
  • @united premier is the new word for "sucker" now that more passengers get premier access then not. Do I have to ditch your card to opt-out? 1 week ago
  • He new @TSA automated lanes at #newark are so much better! Kudos #Newark. 1 week ago