I started coding in C++ and Assembly while in high school some time in the 90s. Later on, I continued on to studying Information Security @ RSUH and working as a software engineer in Moscow. After moving to Silicon Valley, I co-founded Exchange3D.com, URMyStar, Citybot, Runbuk and worked with several other tech startups. For a few years I also worked on Zimbra Admin UI and Zimbra Platform and was lucky to collaborate with some amazing people. Now, I work at Cloudera managing the very talented team behind Apache Kudu. Also DJing, composing, riding a motorcycle and traveling around the world.

Check out my LinkedIn profile if you want to get in touch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gsolovyev

9 comments on “About
  1. Alejandro says:

    Hello Greg, my name is Alejandro, I need to migrate contacts and calendars from my Zimbra server to my new Gsuite mail platform.
    I need to do the massive migration of 500 users, do you have a tool to do it? I await your contact to help me solve this problem.

    Thank you very much

  2. jon says:

    Hi Greg, I’m using your widget – great tool – thanks for writing. just so you know, my gmail calendar has over 100 copies of the same event repeated. this is for all events in the near term which your widget synchronizes . making the account really clogged up and impossible to navigate. Is this a known issue?

    • Hi Jon, this happens some times when my Google API request quota runs out. So far, the easiest workaround is to delete the affected Google Calendar, create a new one (hopefully, you didn’t use the main Calendar for the sync and created a separate one), then log back in to the app and configure it to sync to the new one. I am working on a fix for this in the meantime.

  3. What is the frequency of running the mirroring? It this adjustable?

  4. Jake says:

    Hi Greg,
    i was a huge fan of this tool. Now, since you added the possibility to chosse a frequency of synchronisation, its not working anymore …

  5. Marco Marzetti says:


    The payment form simply mentions 10USD.
    Is it recurring? Or per calendar? Or what?

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