Reflecting Zimbra calendars onto Google GMail Calendar

While most of Bay Area was catching Pokemon or rolling in the dirt at BM (been there, done that, many times since 2001) I decided to solve my multi-calendar mess. I wanted to have all my events on my Google Calendar, and not only on my phone, but in a browser as well. I don’t like using desktop calendar apps, so I prefer to see all my events in my GMail calendar. The problem is that sharing my work calendar which uses Zimbra with Google Calendar does not work well. There are two ways to see my Zimbra Calendar events in my GMail:

  1. Forward all calendar invites to my GMail
  2. Make my Zimbra calendar public and import the ics URL in GMail

Neither works well. The first option sucks for two reasons. First, because Google does not recognize all sorts of invitation formats and I end up having to add events manually anyway. Second – it does not update events. The second option is a non started as well, because Google synchronizes events only once every 12 hours. Besides, I cannot publicly share a team calendar that our Scrum Master shared with me.

So instead of partying at BRC I locked myself in the office and banged out a synchronization service that reads events from my Zimbra account and reflects them on my Google Calendar. Here it is, its free and you can use it as well:

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2 comments on “Reflecting Zimbra calendars onto Google GMail Calendar
  1. Alessandro says:

    Hi greg, i was actually looking for a way to keep a bidirection sync between two calendars of mine (one a zimbra platform, the other on a CRM we use). Both support activesync (well, zimbra supports some kind of it) but i found no tools to keep them synced (something like impasync fom imap email run on a cron basis on a server).

    Do you have any idea or suggestion?

    Thanks for your support

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