DJs and startup founders

TLDR: if you are the only person that has this idea, it means that either this is a bad idea or you have not yet found the 10 other people who are already working on it. Therefore, don’t get hung upon

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Apache ANT task to upload and download files/blobs to/from Windows Azure

A while ago we got access to a year of free hosting on Windows Azure (see more about this here). At the time we were using Amazon S3 to store serialized HashMaps of geo-distances. We use these HashMaps to bootstrap

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How to get 3 years of free hosting for your startup

TLDR version for a busy startup founder: participate in startup beauty contests, get affiliated with startup incubators and accelerators. If you are a  founder of a technology startup and you are trying to save money on everything, free hosting can

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You can only use MS Project 365 on a PC?

What’s the point of online version microsoft? Boo…. oh yea, and it took Microsoft about half an hour of showing the progress sprite before it managed to tell me I can’t use it anyway.   

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Kafka for your newsletter

  Today, Mailchimp made me jump in my chair when I decided to look closer at one of the email  templates, because instead of the usual “lorem ipsum” I saw this:  I don’t think I will be finishing this product

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Specialtys 15K calorie sandwich with 3 kilos of fat?

Probably a database typo, otherwise this sandwich is enough food for a week.

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Racing the clouds

Ever since Amazon launched AWS in 2006 cloud computing has been a hot topic of discussion. Startups are pretty much expected to host their infrastructure in the cloud, because it is considered scalable, reliable, and most importantly requires no upfront

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